Research activities

Combining harvesting and conservation: the case of adfluvial brown trout populations

The project aims to ensure the sustainable use of adfluvial brown trout populations in transborder waters through cross-border cooperation between Finland and Russia. This is achieved by establishing a model for the joint management of the Oulanka River system through a series of activities, which include 1)surveying the current state of the trout resource, 2)developing practices for the sustainable management of the resource, 3)establishing a joint integrated management group for monitoring the management, and 4)raising awareness of the value and unique nature of the trout. ln short, the project develops means for cross border cooperation in Finland and Russia in order to ensure the sustainable recreational use of brown trout (Salmo trutta) populations. In addition, the model for cross-border management developed during the project will work as a pilot study for other transborder water areas where sustainable management of shared natural resources is needed.