Research activities

Regulated Rivers Research

The goal of the Regulated Rivers Research Programme is to produce applicable research information on regulated rivers to develop their fisheries and to promote sustainable use of their migratory fish populations. In addition to biological know-how the programme will utilize a wide eco-technical and socio-economic perspective. The main themes of the Regulated Rivers Research Programme are:

Fishways and restoration of migratory fish populations

The effects of river restoration and watershed land use on fish populations

The social, economic and cultural preconditions of migratory fish restoration


Research projects where Kainuu Fisheries Research Station are involved:

Is the natural reproduction of landlocked salmon possible to restore in Ala-Koitajoki River?

The Effects of River Restoration and Watershed Land Use on Fish Populations

Effects of stream restoration on fish populations, benthic invertebrates and stream functions

Energetic consequences of hydropeaking conditions on Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar L.) fry