Outdoor flumes

The six 30 m long and 1.5 m wide near-natural stream channels have an adjustable bed (from sand to boulders) and incoming flow valve regulation (maximum inflow per channel, 70 l/s).  The set-up has an efficient freely adjustable monitoring system (up to 72 RFID-tag antennas connected to control/reader units, 18 black-white underwater video-cameras + recording unit). Semi-natural stream channels are an outstanding arena for lotic fish ecology studies, on e.g. young lotic fish habitat selection, competition and preference, rehabilitation of degraded stream habitats, impacts of climate change and alien fish species.

  • Size: 30 m x 1,5 m
  • Number: 6 flumes
  • Flow: 70-100 l/s each (total usable water 500 l/s)
  • System: pump

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