50 m² riffle-pools, outdoor

A total of 40 outdoor ponds with a flow-pool structure are located at the station. 24 of them have a 10 m long stream section with stone bed at the outer edge and in the middle of the pond there is a pool section (35 m2 in size). The ponds have a variety of solutions for adjusting incoming flow, water depth, and bed structure, and for incorporating automated fish monitoring systems. The ponds support benthic invertebrate communities, thus enabling a natural food supply. The flow-pool ponds are excellent for study designs that need adjacent near-natural stream and pool conditions.

  • Size: 50 m² 
  • Number: 24 pools
  • Flow: 3-10 l/s
  • System: gravity flow
  • Adjustable depth: 30-120 cm (pool) ja 0-90 cm (riffle)

Research related to devices:

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